30 days of Flutter

Vivek Yadav
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


first-day video on 30 days of flutter

Have you ever thought of learning flutter?

Do you wonder why there is so much hype for flutter?

Do you think flutter can be your next tech stack?

If you have/had got questions like this you should definitely try the #30daysOfFlutter vibe. The flutter community is working very hard to help us learn flutter.

For the same reason, I have started the 30daysOfFlutter series on youtube. I have prepared 30 days roadmap for this series. We will cover topics from basic to intermediate in this series. We will also develop few projects in this series.

Playlist screenshot

This is the link for the syllabus: 30DaysOfFlutter-Syllabus.

This is the youtube channel: Create Code with PROCoach.

This is the playlist: 30DaysOfFlutter-Playlist.

This is 30DaysOfFlutterSyllabus By Google

Thank you for reading this. And all the best with Flutter.

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