Master and Stable channel in flutter at a time

Have you ever wondered how can we have stable, master, beta, dev flutter channels at a time.

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Like this

I like to work on Flutter web also I have my daily job as flutter developer.

For web we need *master channel and for my job *stable channel.

But it sucks that I always run a command flutter channel channel_name to change channels. Because It downloads a lot of thing again also it break some things from different channel.

To overcome this frustration I downloaded two repositories of flutter, one is master and one is stable.

Also stable is required one that’s why I gave its path to system, so that if i run a flutter command from anywhere in pc it will trigger stable flutter’s repository to act.

For master I open master repository(flutter/bin) in terminal (cmd for windows) and from there I can run ./flutter to have master flutter.

Note: Update path of stable to bash_profile (environment variables for flutter) so that we can have stable everywhere.

Open path of master’s flutter repo in terminal and run flutter application by ./flutter . It is so simple

That’s it. It was the hack by which I maintained two channels at a time.

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